The Dangers Traveling With The Wrong Jacket?

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Picture this:

You're standing at the airport gate, ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime. You've meticulously planned your itinerary, but there's one thing you might be overlooking—the right gear. Traveling with the wrong gear can turn your dream adventure into a nightmare.

This is why we are here. 

After many tests of hundreds of nominees, out at the field, customer surveys, and manufacturing chain checkups, we have it for you - The top-rated travel companion for 2023-2023 by Traveler-tips.

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Staying cold is THE WORST.

 You obviously dont want to be dragging a huge “teddy bear” coat across all mountains, but you definitely want to stay warm. 

What is the middle line? Is there a light but isolating heat jacket? 

We have found the Adventure 2.0 Jacket by Apricoat. Link To Jacket

It helped us dramatically in cold hikes up the mountains, and we didn’t feels like we are with loads of equipment when reaching the next town for a drink.

Adventure 2.0 >>

Rips, Stains, and low quality zippers?

A stain we can handel.. It just looks bad and annoying.

But Rips? Feeling the cold air or rain leaking inside? 

Or worst than that - Zippers offen getting stuck, or BREAK? 

We are done with changing a jacket every season, Really. 

The Adventure 2.0 by Apricoat has won all these factors without a blink. 

Its super strong, double stitching and ripstop technology that will just hold forever, 

It is stain-repellent with Bionic Finish technology, so Yay for keeping ourselves clean, 

And the zippers are double-coated, waterproof, and strong.

Hold a lifetime - Check, Wont tear- Check, Keeps us dry- Check.


Not only comfortable but functional.

This is the part where our team really fell in love with Apricoat’s Invention: 

This whole jacket is design through DWD technology, meaning: 

DWD (differential weight distribution design), all design cuts and pockets are spread out evenly across the jacket so you won’t feel unbalanced or uncomfortable. 

You might say, how can that even affect me? 

Well, the Adventure 2.0 has 16 pockets! 

You can literally travel a day hike with no backpack. 

Putting aside all the adjustable features this jacket have, we have decided all at once,

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  • Lasts A Lifetime

  • Strong

  • Waterproof

  • Warm >> But light

  • Functional

  • Adjustable

More Than 20,000 Travelers, Talk about the Adventure 2.0

John R. 🇺🇸, 22/04/23

Excellent layer of protection ! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I bought the jacket for my upcoming trip to Iceland and I’ve had the opportunity to test it beforehand during the past couple of weeks here in cold and snowy Detroit. I’m very impressed.

Gabriela K. 🇺🇸, 12/05/23

My Third Jacket! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I loved the color from the first sight and as I am absolutely satisfied about my two other ones, I bought this as well. It fits and I love all these pockets inside and outside. No rain comes through and what is even better, it´s warm when a heavy wind in blowing.

George T. 🇺🇸, 18/07/23

Love This Jacket!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This jacket is awesome. It looks great and is very functional, lots of pockets. It served me well in the Haleakala crater in Maui, I sent a picture to my son of me at the crater edge and his reply was simply 'hey that's a nice jacket'...too funny!

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The Adventure 2.0 Jacket by

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